My prices are guide prices for most commercial work and include 1 hour of editing time.
Thereafter, edit time is charged at £60 per hour.... 'What's that all about!?' I hear you ask.
Well, below are some 'before' & 'after' examples of types of photography that require
more than normal post processing -


Portraiture, especially corporate portraits, need a degree of tidying up. The new employee was photographed in an office against a plain white wall.

In this example the file was renamed, IPTC data added, colours have been improved, image has been sharpened, background darkened, hair lightened,  teeth and eyes lightened a touch, 'shiny' skin reduced on face, stray hairs removed from around the head, small hairs over face removed, spots on shirt retouched out.


Architectural photography has it's own challenges out with our weather!

In the above photos the files were renamed, IPTC data added, verticals straightened, colours enhanced, saturation improved, shadows lifted for detail, sky improved, patio debris removed, contrast lifted. There was additional dodging and burning to the interior picture.


Sometimes 'straightforward' content requires the most post processing. This plastic container was photographed in the client's warehouse using a mobile studio.

The container was re-named as per the product name, IPTC data added, the sticker and the black marker were removed, colours enhanced, image sharpened, saturation boosted, debris and dirt removed from the paper backdrop, vignette dropped in behind, contrast increased, highlights lifted.

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